You can purchase our Belgian chocolates online from this web site. The chocolates can be delivered directly to your door or as a gift to anywhere in the UK. There are many gift-wrapping and presentation boxes available.

Our checkout also allows you to send a personalised message, and to specify delivery on a given date in the future if you so wish. This allows you to pre-order in advance of special occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays, weddings and so on, so you can relax nearer the time!

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Postage and Packaging Costs

We deliver our Belgian Chocolates to the UK. Details as follows:

Size of Box UK Mail Next Day Delivery UK Mail Saturday Delivery
500g £4.50 £9.50
750g £5.50 £9.50
1Kg £6.50 £9.50

Please note: Orders placed after 5pm will be processed on the next working day. Our working days are Monday to Friday.

The 500g, 750g and 1kg boxes are especially well-protected during transit. They have their own specially-designed outer polystyrene casing which keeps the chocolates fresh and prevents damage due to temperature changes. The polystyrene casing also protects the gift-wrapped box that the chocolates come in. This attention to detail ensures that your chocolates arrive at your doorstep in the same fresh condition that they leave our shops.

Corporate & Wedding Orders
Corporate orders are sent by UK MAIL. To calculate the postage and packaging cost, simply add the items you require to the Basket, and select the delivery option you require.

All of our 500g, 750g and 1kg boxes can be gift-wrapped. You can choose between different sorts of gift-wrapping, including luxury and seasonal variations.
The presentation boxes do not need to be gift-wrapped as the box alone is sufficient.

Customers outside the UK can order goods on this site for delivery to any destination in the UK.

We can deliver to anywhere in the UK, either to your door or as a gift directly to somebody else.
We cannot ship outside the UK because to do so would risk the fresh chocolates becoming delayed or damaged in transit.

Leonidas was founded in Belgium in 1910 by a Greek Man, Leonidas Kesdekidis, who arrived in Brussels as a member of the Greek delegation of the United States for the International Exposition and won the Bronze Medal. In 1935, Leonidas’ nephew, Basile Kesdekidis, followed in his uncle’s footsteps. Continuing the tradition of quality and freshness, he became the head of the company and incorporated the logo showing the effigy of the Greek warrior Leonidas, King of Sparta.

It is hard to go wrong with the general assortment. The quality and freshness of any Leonidas chocolates in our general assortment will be striking, regardless of whether you are a milk-chocolate lover or a dark-chocolate lover.

Note that the contents of each general assortment will vary. This is because our chocolates are fresh, and boxed on the day of despatch. Although some pieces, such as the Manon Blanc and Manon Cafe, are always in stock and will always be part of the General Assortment, other pieces will be in and out of supply as they are freshly made. In addition, note that there are over 120 different pieces, and with our largest 1kg box being around 60 pieces there will not be room for all of them in any one box!

They certainly do! In a recent survey of brands (“Compétition des marques”), 55% of Belgians said that Leonidas are and remain the most highly-rated chocolates. Leonidas chocolates hold a third of their segment of the market, which is quite impressive for such a prestigious brand.

“Butter cream” is the name for a delicious, fresh, flavoured soft filling. It is made from a base of real fresh butter, fresh cream and milk, and flavoured with either coffee, vanilla or fruit.

In Belgium, “praline” is the word for chocolate with a filling. In the United Kingdom, “praline” is a term often used for a specific type of chocolate with a filling consisting of a fine paste of nuts, sugar and chocolate. This naturally causes some confusion! On this site we refer to our chocolates as “Belgian pralines”.

Because Leonidas chocolates are fresh, they must be carefully stored, and not kept for too long. Our chocolates are best stored in a cool dark place, below 18°C. They should ideally be eaten within 21 days of purchase though will keep for longer if kept in the fridge. Please note that these chocolates should be kept away from other foods with strong odours, so be careful if storing the chocolates in your fridge.

Our chocolates can be pre-ordered for delivery on a particular date, in order to ensure maximum freshness for that special occasion.

In short, Leonidas chocolates are fresh. No other brand pays as much attention to freshness as Leonidas.

Most other brands of chocolate are compromised by the need for longevity. They tend to be pre-packaged and designed to spend time on the shelves of a supermarket or other store. This is true even of many prestigious brands. Not so with Leonidas: our chocolates are boxed on the day that your order is sent out.

With longevity out of the equation, we can concentrate on the quality of our chocolates instead. We make no quality compromises whatsoever. For example, Leonidas chocolates do not contain any vegetable fat: we choose to use 100% cocoa butter instead. We use fresh ingredients: fresh butter and cream in our butter creams set them apart from the rest and give them a unique flavour. Leonidas have also obtained an ISO 9001 certification for quality, which is well over and above the necessary requirements for producing chocolate.

Only a small number of retailers are licensed to sell Leonidas chocolates, because of the strict requirements for careful storage and freshness.